Suicide Prevention Symposium 2019

It starts with me! - Ko au timatanga!

Lets create understanding within our communities through our own actions.

29th & 30th of August 2019

Thursday 29th August  :  9:30am - 1.00pm 

Friday 30th August  :  9.30am - 3.30pm

Celebration Centre, 81 Bickerton Street, Wainoni, Christchurch

Symposium Details

Suicide Prevention Symposium 2019

It starts with me!  Ko au te timatanga!

Together we can contribute and support the wellbeing of our communities through our own actions.  

Its starts with me is about taking resposnibility of the things we can control within our environment (me).  Equipping ourselves with knowledge to support someone who is having a hard time with their happy and knowing how we can strengthen our own happy through simple mindfulness techniques and knowledge of the support systems that exist in our communities.

Day one of Symposium, Thursday 29th August, we are offering a selection of trainings for the community, frontline staff and clinical workers.  Check out the trainings tab for more info and register.

Day two Friday 30th August we all gather together and hear from our guests speakers, Izekial Raui, Daisy Timo and Sam O Sullivan.  You will also get to take part in mindfulness activities which include a session from Sam O'Sullivan, Mau Rakau and Poi/Ti Rakau making.  Make sure you register now spaces are limited to 800!

James Beck 2 128x1282xJames Beck

Attitude manager, James Beck, joined Attitude in 2007 in Christchurch with over two years’ experience working alongside young people. James’ interest in and engagement with youth culture (he an active member of three bands) is key to his ability to relate to a young audience. James’ quirky sense of humour and passion for the messages conveyed commands the attention of his audience. He is strongly motivated to help youth realise their full potential, and sincerely inspires them to do so. James has delivered presentations to over 200,000 young people nationwide, helping them make better choices around drugs and alcohol, sex, depression, youth suicide, technology, social media and getting on with their family.

James’ rural upbringing influenced his humour, and has given James a unique Kiwi presenting style that appeals to a wide spectrum of audiences. And when James isn’t working, he is spending time with his wife Rebekah and their daughter Eliza. Having a young family has added another dimension to James’ presentations with the ever-changing role of being a dad shaping his experiences, and giving him a hands-on understanding of the amazing job of parenting.

Sela Faletolu FasiSela Faletolu-Fasi

Sela Faletolu-Fasi is a true champion for young people and believes that every young person is born with a unique purpose. She is also the co-founder of No Limits alongside her husband Silivelio Fasi, a programme aimed at Pasifika Youth aged between 12 and 25 in Canterbury that uses performing arts as a vehicle for their voices to be heard, valued and understood. This platform allows them to connect with others and give back to the community by using the stage to powerfully address the issues that affect their ability to engage and achieve at school and in life.

Sela and her husband Silivelio are also the creators and directors of Tulou Productions, which is a Pasifika Performing Arts company that tells Pasifika stories from a Canterbury perspective through theatre.

Last year Sela overcame an extended period of depression and anxiety while she was pregnant with, and after giving birth to her sixth child. She believes that the key to overcoming this along with medication, psychiatrists, doctors, and nurses was her family. Sela believes that her husband and children loved and supported her back to wellness and mental health. An ongoing family journey that requires openness, gratitude, trust, honest communication, spiritual connection, and genuine love.

Sala TiatiaSala Tiatia

Sala is a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and is always the first to affirm without thinking twice, this is what makes him a leader among our rangatahi. He is the principal of Te Kaupapa Whakaora alternative education program for youth who struggle in main stream education.

Sala is a rock and exudes hope to all those around him.

2018 Symposium Programme

9:30am - 10am

Welcome & Karakia Terry Ryan & Haeata 

Opener : (10mins)

10am - 10:30am

Speaker One - Sela Faletolu-Fasi

10:30am – 11am

Speaker Two -  James Beck

11am - 11.10am (Transition Time)

11.15am - 12pm


  • Taiaha

  • Yoga Warriors

  • Tai Chi

12pm - 12:45pm
Lunch - Subway

12.45pm - 1.15pm 

Speaker Three - Sala Tiatia

1.15pm - 1.20pm (Transition time)

1.20pm - 2.00 pm

Lifekeepers Awards

2.00pm - 2.10pm (Transition time)

2:10pm - 3pm
Q & A Panel 


2018 Sponsors

He Waka Tapu

He Waka Tapu

For over 22 years He Waka Tapu has been providing a skilled and friendly team, supporting tangata whaiora in Otautahi and Te Waiponanmu.

He Waka Tapu runs a number of programmes specialising in:

Anger Management
Alcohol and Drug Addictions (AOD)
Personal Health



Waitaha Suicide Protection Action


Pegasus PHO

Pegasus PHO

Pegasus Health is providing Primary Health Organisation (PHO) services for everyone who is enrolled with one of its general practices and primary care organisations. The intention of the PHO is to promote health, reduce the cost of care, and help set the direction for the development of primary health care for our enrolled population.



We are a team of highly experienced people with clinical and/or lived experience of suicide working in the suicide prevention and postvention space. We specialise in working with agencies and communities to help them best manage suicide risk.

Le Va

Le Va

Our purpose is to support Pasifika families and communities to unleash their full potential and have the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes.

Te Waioratanga

Te Waioratanga

Te Waioratanga is part of the All Right? Social Media Campaign. All Right? came about in response to the Christchurch earthquakes and concern’s for the mental health of Cantabrian’s. The All Right? Campaign is a partnership between The Mental Health Foundation and CDHB.

Subway Stanmore Rd

Subway, Stanmore Rd

Kai kindly provided by Subway Stanmore Rd




LifeKeepers is the National Suicide Prevention training programme, created specifically for New Zealand communities.

LifeKeepers combines an internationally proven, evidenced-based approach with local knowledge and experience, and blending learning environments (face to face and online) to provide a programme that is community focussed, clinically safe and culturally responsive.

The LifeKeepers Awards arose from the programme, to recognise the heroic and passionate efforts of individuals and/or organisations in suicide prevention. Everyone has a role to play to prevent suicide.

Suicide prevention is everybody's business

Sometimes our happiness takes teamwork. Teamwork in finding services that support our mental health and wellbeing, teamwork in learning techniques that can strengthen your Hinengaro, Wairua, Whanau & Tinana.

How Tyler found her way

The after effects of suicide are hard on the loved ones left behind, listen to how Tyler found her way through and encourages people who are having suicidal thoughts to speak up.

Tai Chi - Hikitia te Ha Experience

Mana is part of Te Waioratanga and is 1 of 3 experiences open to community at the 2018 Suicide Prevention Symposium.

Atama's wairua connection and how he found his way through

Atama sends encouragement, if you are struggling with thoughts of suicide to reach out - he found his light through karakia but you might find yours through the community.

Deans experince of losing 4 loved ones through suicide and how finding his voice helped

It took Dean 10 years to talk, listen to how Dean found his voice and he encourages people who are struggling with thoughts of suicide to speak up and the community support one another.

Letesha Yoga Warriors

Letitia from is part of Te Waioratanga and is 1 of 3 experiences open to community at the 2018 Suicide Prevention Symposium

"Words can make you or break you" - Sala Tiatia

Sala is one of three speakers at this years symposium. It breaks his heart that suicide is an option for some of our community, make sure your registered to attend so you don't miss out on listening to the power of your words!

Celebrating the values in Mau Rakau that strengthen our community - Aaron

Aaron is part of Te Waioratanga and is 1 of 3 experiences open to community at the 2018 Suicide Prevention Symposium.

Kaya wished she had "Just talked"

Kaya shares her experience of suicide, so others may find the courage to share the battles you try to fight on your own, "Find that someone and Just talk"!